Sugar Cane Juice Machine

The Sugar Cane Juicer is a sturdily built machine. It is mounted on wheels and works with a 1 Hp I ph motor. It is made of SS 304.

The machine is simple and easy to use. The sugar cane is pushed into the machine and juice starts flowing out from the outlet chute. The squeezed cane is ejected separately. It requires low maintenance. The rollers are fitted to ensure that maximum juice is extracted from the cane and nothing goes to waste. All contact parts are SS 304.

Popcorn Machine

The Popcorn Making Machine is a compact easy to use unit designed for the lay user. It has a sturdy frame with a new attractive panel and a bowl capacity of 400 grams. Popcorn with various delicious flavors can be made.

The machine is colorfully designed. For easy usage the control panel is conveniently placed with switches for controlling the heat, motor and lights. The machine has a stainless steel bowl within which a high quality heater is fitted. The heater provides diffused heat all around the bowl for optimum popping. The bowl is easily tillable and can also be easily removed for cleaning from time to time. It is available with or without a table.

  • Convenience of usage
  • Large bowl capacity for maximum production
  • Low power consumption
  • Good quality heater for fast heating and speedy production
  • Stainless steel bowl and bottom tray for longer life and easy cleaning
  • Easy availability of spare parts and therefore lesser downtime
  • Good quality motor
  • Can be used throughout the day
  • Is light weight and easy for transportation.

Candy Floss Machine

This is a light weight. Portable Candy Floss Making machine. It can be installed and operated quickly in small shops, entertainment malls etc.

It has a stainless steel bowl in which a heater is fitted. As this bowl rotates at high speed, the sugar melts inside and candy floss is formed in the outer collecting bowl. All contact parts are SS 304. The machine is easy to use.

Aerosol Gas Charging Machine

Aerosol propellant-filling machine is designed keeping in view the need of a small manufacturer. The machine is compact and requires very little space for installation. It can fill gas in containers / bottles of max. height 200 mm and max. diameter 100 mm. The machine can be used to fill perfumes, insecticides, mosquito repellents, lighter gases, oils, contact cleaners, pharmaceuticals and many other similar items, which need to be sprayed for maximum effectiveness.

The process of filling is very simple and can be easily mastered. The sealed container / bottle filled with liquid is to be placed on the bottle table of the machine and the table is pressed up to locate the bottle valve in to the filling head nozzle. Then the ball valve provided above the head is opened to fill the liquid propellant in to the container / bottle. The required quantity can be determined by the level of the liquid in the gauge glass and the scale provided under the acrylic front box. Once the desired quantity is filled the valve is closed and the container / bottle is removed from the machine. The container / bottle is now ready to spray.

If pressure inside the propellant is not sufficient enough to fill the container / bottle, external pressure in the form of pure air or nitrogen must be applied through booster inlet valve provided on the top of the machine. The machine is supplied with an operation cum maintenance manual and a spare parts list.

Optional Accessories:
  • Propellant cylinder
  • Stand for propellant cylinder
  • Air compressor
  • FRL for compressed air
  • Flexible pipe to connect propellant cylinder and machine
  • Flexible pipe to connect Air compressor and machine.

Aerosol Can Crimping Machine – Hand & Pneumatically Operated

  • This machine is used for crimping Aerosol Cans.
  • It is a simple machine to use.
  • The cap to be crimped with the valve is placed on the mouth of the filled Can.
  • The height adjustment is made according to the height of the Can.
  • The handle is then pressed. The Crimping Collet opens and crimps the cap.
  • The Can is removed from the machine.
  • Any Can may be crimped. The Collet is suitable for 25 mm cap.
  • An average production of about 6 Cans per minute can be achieved. However, this depends on the dexterity of the operator.
  • The Machine can be supplied pneumatically operated also.

Meat Mincer – Economy Model

This food and meat slicer offers exceptional cutting consistency and durability. The body of this slicer is anodized aluminum. The blade is designed for effortless and clean cutting. As the meat or food is fed into the funnel on top, it is squeezed by a central screw which feeds it into the front end of the machine which has a mesh with large holes and a cutting blade. The blade cuts the meat into small pieces. It is easy to disassemble for quick cleaning. It’s perfect for low volume operations and available in different sizes.

The machine is available as hand operated or motorized.

Ice Gola Machine

The Ice Gola Machine is a handy table top machine for shredding ice for making Ice Gola. The machine is hand operated and easy to use. It can be installed on a table in a road side shop or on a cart.

A chunk of ice is held between the top and bottom plates and held tightly by turning the top wheel. Now when the wheel on the left hand side is manually rotated, the ice rubs against a blade fitted on the bottom plate and shavings of ice fall below. These are collected and made into Gola.

The machine is made entirely of Cast iron and is very sturdy.

Hand Operated Fruit Juice Machine

This is a handy table top fruit juice extractor. It is specially meant for fruits like Oranges, Pomegranates, Sweet Lime, Grapes, Pineapples, etc.

The machine is easy to use. Place a piece of fruit in the bowl and press handle. The fruit gets squeezed and the extracted juice falls into the glass below. The only maintenance required is cleaning the machine after use.

Tablet Making Machine – Motorised

The Tablet making machine is suitable for making various types of Ayurvedic, Medicinal, Camphor, Ink, Sandal, Serpent Fire Crackers, Air Freshener, Naphthalene and other similar tablets.

This is a fully automatic machine powered by a 1 Hp motor. Its unique sturdy design is based on the eccentric press principal and needs practically no maintenance. The stroke of the machine can be adjusted such that maximum compaction pressure can be achieved.

The machine is compact, requires minimum space and is highly productive. The capacity of the machine is 90 strokes per minute and accordingly the production of tablets can be calculated based on the number of cavities in the die. The Die, Punch, Ejection Pin & the Feeder have to be changed according to the tablet size and number of cavities.

The operation of the machine is very simple and needs no skilled labor. The powder is fed into the hopper from where it enters the die cavity through a chute. When the machine is switched on, a feeder arm pushes the powder into the die and simultaneously pushes out the finished tablets from the previous stroke.

All the contact parts can be provided in stainless steel as optional.

Dimensions: 450mm (W) x 750mm (D) x 850mm (H)
Weight: 200kgs. Approx.
Tablet Size: Minimum – 6mm Dia x 5mm Thick, Maximum – 20mm Dia x 8mm Thick

Gunny Bag Stitching Machine

This is a handy easy to use machine for stitching jute, cloth or plastic bags. A very useful machine for chemical, cement, tea, food grains and other such industries.

The machine is light weight and can be easily carried to the bag for stitching. The stitches are inter loopedfor extra strength.

High Speed Stirrer – Hand Held

  • Model no. MP 350 Ultra
  • RPM – 9500 rpm
  • Hand Held model for quick batch mixing
  • Suitable for mixing about 50 liters at a time Imported Model
  • Contact Parts are SS 304
  • High Shear mixing blade for efficient and homogenous mixing
  • Weight of machine – 4.600 kgs
  • Works on 230 V ac single phase

SS Tanks for Liquid Mixing & Storage with / without Stirrer

We fabricate & supply SS tanks of various sizes with or without stirrers. The tanks can be made as per specifications from 100 liters to 5000 liters. According to the size of the tank they are made of out the appropriate gage stainless steel. They can be supplied with lid, inlet & outlet connections & the stirrer fan can be designed to suit the stirring application.

Labeling Machine for – PET / Glass Bottles

This is a compact table top self adhesive labeling machine for round PET and Glass Bottles. It can also be used for labeling round Cans / Tins. Ideal for small scale industries for quick & neat labeling. It is a simple machine to use.

The labels in roll form are loaded into the machine in the slot provided for this. One bottle is kept on the bottle table horizontally. When the handle is turned once, one bottle gets labeled. The machine can be used for bottles with different diameters and lengths.

The machine is made of powder coated mild steel and is sturdily built. It requires minimal maintenance. About 10-12 labels can be applied per minute depending on the operator’s speed.

Oil Extractor for Seeds – Domestic

This is a compact kitchen top oil extractor for domestic use. It is ergonomically designed and a very useful machine for households. The body is made of ABS plastic and the crusher barrel and screw are of stainless steel 304.

It is ideal for extraction of oils from peanuts, coconut, sesame, soybean, walnuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable seeds, flax seeds, almond, castor seeds & mustard seeds.

It weighs just 5.5 kgs and is rugged. It is easy to operate. The crusher system made of food grade SS has a low power consumption 1 Unit for 3 liters of oil and has a low noise level (70 dB).

The following components are supplied with the machine:
  • AC Power Cable
  • Hand Gloves
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Waste Mug
  • Filter Mug
  • User Manual

Panneer Press – Pneumatically Operated with 1 / 2 Baskets

The Panneer Press is a pneumatically operated machine for pressing water out of Panneer. It is available with one or two baskets as required. It is made fully out of SS 304.

The machine is supplied with baskets which have perforated walls. The panneer raw material is filled in the baskets. When the pneumatic hand lever valve is pressed, a plate compresses the panneer within the basket thus removing the water in it and compressing it into a slab form. The baskets can be slid forward and panneer removed. The two basket machine is convenient as both of the baskets can continuously be pressed one after the other. The pneumatic components used are of the best quality

Powder Mixing Machine

  • This machine is meant for mixing various powders used in the medical, food, Soap, chemical industries etc.,
  • The machine is sturdily built and consists of a stainless steel vessel, which holds the powders. The size of the vessel varies according to the quantity to be mixed per batch. The vessel is mounted on a rigid MS stand.
  • A fan rotates inside the vessel. The fan is suited to the various mixing needs of different powders.
  • The fan rotates on the central shaft, which is coupled to a gearbox and motor.
  • The rotating speed of the fan is preset but can be given as per the density, type and quantity of powder.
  • The vessel can be tilted, so that after mixing, the mixture can be removed easily.
The motor size, gear box, fan dimensions and machine specifications will vary and are subject to the following factors:
  • The type of powder to be mixed.
  • The quantity to be mixed per batch.
  • The density and consistency of the powders to be mixed.
  • The machine can be supplied in full stainless steel model also.
  • The machine can be designed and supplied to suit specific applications.


Conveyors are available with length and width to suit the customers requirements. They are supplied with belts, SS chains and flats and various belt types to suit the application.

They are made of either SS or MS (Powder Coated) or aluminum sections. They can also be supplied with speed controllers to adjust the speed of the belt.