Liquid & Paste Filling machines

Hand Operated Liquid Dosing Machine

  • This is a table top machine.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • The output quantity is adjustable from 20 ml to 100 ml.
  • About 6-7 fills can be achieved per minute depending on the operator speed.
  • All contact parts are SS 304.
  • The pump parts can be easily dismantled and cleaned after use.
  • The stand of the machine is powder coated.
  • Motorised & Pneumatic Volumetric Liquid and Paste fillers are also available.

Volumetric Liquid Dosing Machine –Motorised

The Volumetric Liquid Dosing Machine is ideal for filling non-viscous liquids in accurate preset quantities. The quantity per fill can be adjusted. It is meant for liquids without particulate matter.

The machine consists of a motor and gear box and has one or two pumps attached as required. Each pump has two hoses connected to it – one is for liquid suction and the other is for liquid delivery into the filling medium. The suction hose can be connected or dipped into the container holding the liquid to be filled. Liquids can be filled in glass bottles, PET bottles, Tins, Cans or pouches as required. The number of bottles that can be filled depends on the volume of output per fill, density of the liquid & mouth diameter of the container being filled.

It is an easy machine to use and requires little maintenance limited to the change in washers in the pump and oil for the gear box.

Fill Range Output / Minute Motor HP
5 ml – 50 ml 56 BPM ½ HP
20 ml – 100 ml 56 BPM ½ HP
50 ml – 300 ml 28 BPM ½ HP
100 ml – 500 ml 14 BPM ½ HP

Note: BPM will vary according to viscosity of liquid, bottle mouth diameter and size. The above output quantities are only indicative.

The main advantages of the machine are:
  • The machine is sturdily built of SS 304 and all contact parts are also SS 304.
  • It can fill hot liquids (up to 80 degrees Celsius) also.
  • For this the inlet and outlet hoses provided are Silicon Braided.
  • Bottle Tables to hold the bottles while filling can be provided.
  • Accurate fill quantities
  • Fast filling
  • No spillage & wastage
  • Liquid fills untouched by hand.
  • The pumps can be easily dismantled for cleaning after use.

Gravity Liquid Filling Machine for PET / Gloss Bottles – 4 / 8 Head

The Gravity Liquid Filling Machine is ideal for filling all non-viscous liquids like Juice, Mineral Water, Milk, Ayurvedic medicines, Non corrosive chemicals, liquid soaps, Coconut oil, Edible oils etc in PET or Glass Bottles. It is available with 4 or 8 filling heads. It can fill any size of bottle from 200 ml to 2000 ml. The machine can be altered for filling special shaped bottles also. It consists of a SS tank of capacity 175 liters (for a 4 head machine) and 225 liters (for a 8 head machine.

Mode of Operation:
  • Liquid is poured into the tank – manually or by a pump.
  • Requires one person for a 4 head machine and 2 persons for a eight head machine.
  • Four / eight bottles are held on the bottle holding plate by their necks.
  • Foot Lever is pressed.
  • The bottles go up into the filling heads with the filling nozzles inside the bottles.
  • The liquid starts to flow into the bottles.
  • Once the liquid level reaches the nozzle level, the foot lever can be released and the filled bottles can be taken off.
  • The above process can be repeated for the next batch.
Optional Features Available:
  • The Machine can be pneumatically operated – for this an air compressor is required.
  • The machine can be used for filling hot liquids – the tank in which case can be supplied with insulation to retain temperature while filling.
  • The machine can be supplied with an SS pump to fill the liquid in the tank.
  • A liquid level sensor to switch the pump on and off can be fitted to maintain liquid level inside tank.
  • A PET Bottle capping machine can be fitted on one side of the machine so that capping can be done immediately.
  • It is simple to operate.
  • Requires no skill.
  • Ladies can operate.
  • It does not require power.
  • Maintenance is simple and minimal and limited to change of washers & spring in the filling valve. The frequency of change depends on the type of liquid being filled and the number of bottles per day.
  • Accuracy of fill quantity is maintained. Liquid will not overflow even if there is a delay in releasing the foot pedal.
  • Final fill level inside bottle can be adjusted.
  • The valves can be easily dismantled for cleaning and quickly refitted again.
  • The tank can be cleaned – a drain valve is provided at its bottom for this.
  • A Gage glass level tube is fitted on one side of the tank so the liquid level in it can be monitored.
  • Production of about 10-12 bottles/minute can be achieved (250 ml bottles) for a four head machine and 20-24 bottles/minute for an eight head machine. But this depends on the operator’s speed and dexterity.

Semi Automatic Timed Gravity Liquid Filling – Linear – with PLC

The Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machine is ideal for bulk filling of all types of non-viscous liquids in Glass, PET or other types of bottles. The machine is a low cost option for the small and medium scale industries. It is PLC controlled and the exact quantity of liquid required to be filled can be set. Quantity of liquid can be set from 50 ml to 2 liters. It is useful for filling liquids like Mineral Water, Milk, Juices, Liquid soaps, Medicines, Edible Oils etc. Hot filling is also possible.

The Machine consists of a long table on which the bottles can be kept in a line. There is a small tank on top of the machine with an automatic liquid level sensor and a pump. There is a control panel with a PLC to control the fill quantity and other features of the machine.

A brief method of using the machine:
  • Switch on the machine.
  • Calibrate the machine according to the viscosity of the liquid to be filled.
  • This is a one time setting.
  • Set the quantity of liquid to be filled.
  • Switch on the pump. Liquid fills in the overhead tank.
  • Align four bottles with the four filling nozzles and press a foot switch.
  • The bottles are filled with the set quantity of liquid.
  • Push the next batch of four bottles in place and press the switch and soon.
  • Production can be anything between 8-16 bottles per minute depending on the quantity & viscosity of liquids and the speed of the operator
Advantages of the machine:
  • Easy to use and requires very less maintenance.
  • Flexibility of use to accommodate all types of liquids and bottles. The filling nozzles can be adjusted quickly according to the diameter and height of the bottles.
  • Easy to clean after use.
  • User friendly and does not require much training.
  • The filling is controlled pneumatically and so an air compressor with a 1 Hp motor is required.

Semi Automatic Rotary Gravity Liquid Filling Machine With 6 / 9 / 12 Filling Nozzles – for PET / Glass Bottles

This is Rotary liquid filling machine meant for filling all non viscous liquids like Mineral Water, Juices, Edible oils, Coconut oil, Liquid soaps etc in PET & Glass bottles. As the machine rotates, bottles are manually kept for filling and taken off manually after filling.

The machine has a 1 HP Geared motor controlled by a knob to reduce or increase RPM according to the size of bottles. It can fill any size from 200 ml to 2000 ml. Output will vary from 12 bottles per minute to 36 bottles per minute depending on the number of filling nozzles, size of bottle being filled, set RPM, viscosity of liquid and speed of the operator.

The machine consists of a rotating tank into which liquid can flow by gravity from an overhead storage tank or by a pump. The tank has a liquid level float valve. As it rotates, the operator places the bottles one after the other on neck holding plates in case of PET bottles and bottle tables in case of glass bottles. The bottles are filled automatically by gravity upto the nozzle level. After filling, the bottles can be manually removed for capping.

The machine is sturdily built and is made out of SS 304. It has a Panel to control the machine. The tank has a gage glass tube to monitor the level of liquid in the tank. It is easy to use and maintenance is limited to change in washers and springs of each valve which can be easily removed for cleaning and refitted quickly. The tank has a bottom drain to clean the tank whenever required.

Paste Filling Machine – Hand Operated

The machine is ideal for filling exact quantities of thick pastes. It has a hopper in which the paste is filled. The quantity per fill can be adjusted with the help of screw provided in front.

Fill quantity can be adjusted from 20 ml to 100 ml as required. The set quantity of paste is dosed every time the filling handle is pressed. The contact parts are SS 304 and the stand is cast iron. It can be installed on a table.

Piston Type Liquid Filling Machine – Pneumatic Operated – Single Head / Double Head

The machine is pneumatically operated and can fill viscous liquids/pastes like ghee, honey, thick fruit and vegetable juices, ointments, creams, glue and toothpastes etc. Output quantity can be varied from 50 ml to 1000 ml. The material to be filled is put in the hopper. The hopper can be provided with a stirrer if required. The quantity to be dosed can be set easily with the help of a small wheel at the back of the machine. The machine requires an air compressor of at least 1.5 Hp to operate.

Filling is initiated with the help of an electrically operated foot switch. The table holding the bottle / container to be filled can be adjusted as required. The machine can be set to dose automatically also according to the efficiency of the operator. Depending on the quantity per fill, the viscosity and type of liquid/paste, the machine can fill about 6-10 bottles/containers per minute.

The machine is available with one nozzle or two nozzles. For a double nozzel filler, two hoppers are provided. Then production will double.