Water Filters

Ultra Violet Water Filter

Ultra Violet Water Filter System is ideal for filtration of Bore well and Well water. It is a 3-in-1 filter system.

It has a 10 micron filter cartridge which removes all visible dust particles. The water then flows through an activated Carbon Cartridge which removes chemicals and odour. Then the water flows through the UV chamber where two UV lamps are provided. They help to eliminate bacteria , germs, pathogens etc.

The filter can process about 500 litres of water per hour. It can be connected to an overhead tank and the water will flow through it by gravity. There is no need for pumps.

It is wall mountable and easy to assemble. It requires very little maintenance and is user serviceable.

It is an ideal unit for Soda / Soft drink makers, juice processing factories, hostels, hotels, etc. and wherever bulk drinking water is required.

Sand Water Filter

The Sand Water Filter is used for filtering out all visible dust particles from water. To a certain extent, It also removes chemicals and odour from water.

The filter is made of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and is therefore maintenance free. The FRP material is ideally suited for water filtration tanks and is very strong and rigid. The tank requires no painting and does not rust.

Water passes through three layers of special Quartz stones and sand and a layer of Activated Carbon. A 10 micron filter cartridge is also provided at its outlet to remove tiny dust particles.

A system of pipes and ball valves is provided which are attached to the main portion of the tank. The filter can be connected to an overhead tank and the water flows through the filter by gravity. About 500 litters of water can be filtered per hour.

Other than periodic backwash and a change of carbon, the filter requires very little maintenance.

It is an ideal unit for Soda /soft drink makers, juice processing factories, Hostels, Hotels etc and wherever bulk drinking water is required.

Reverse Osmosis Filter Unit

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semipermeable membrane. The unit consists of a comprehensive set of filters like –

  • Prefilter to remove dust
  • Carbon filter to remove chemicals and other off smells
  • Ultra violet lamps to kill harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Reverse Osmosis filter unit to remove contaminants
  • Ozonator (Optional)
  • Other filters can be added depending on the inlet water quality.

The whole unit is mounted on a skid so it is easy to transport and can be quickly installed. Each filter unit is connected to the next in line with necessary pipes and fittings. Pumps are also provided.

The different filter stages are selected depending on the quantity of water available and so a Water Test Report is essential. Based on the report, the system can be tailored to get best results.

The unit is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. It is made for reliable performance.

UV Lamps

Ultraviolet light is an effective means of disinfecting water for consumption. By inactivating bacteria and other harmful particles found in untreated water, UV radiation leaves no chemical side effects.

Although this alone may not be enough to make water potable, it is one of the steps in water purification. The quantity of water that can be filtered depends on the length and diameter and amount of light emitted by UV lamps.

Micron Filter Cartridge

These “mechanical” filters are most often used to remove sediments. They are often referred to as sediment or particulate filters and are fine sieves which reduce dirt and other particles. They are used as pre filters to other treatment systems as well as UV lights. Using them as a pre-filter will often protect a water purifier from damage and extend its life. Sediment filters range from less than 1 micron to about 70 microns but the most typically used are 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 50. Sediment filter cartridges can be made from wound string, rigid foam or pleated film. They are most often made of a substance called Polypropylene which is resistant to the growth of bacteria. The cartridges may need to be changed when they get too clogged which is noticeable by their reduced output.

Activated Carbon & Filter Media

Activated carbon filters are particularly effective at removing pollutants which create unpleasant taste, colour, and odour in water. These fast-acting filters can eliminate or reduce the levels of chlorine by-products, pesticides, herbicides, and other organic and industrial chemicals.

By using carbon filters the taste of the water is also improved. Sometimes a carbon filter is referred to as a “polishing” filter. To get the most of a carbon filter, it should be kept free of sediment and heavy organic impurities. The filter media needs to be changed periodically depending on the water being filtered.

Micron Filter Casings

These are housings for micron and activated carbon filters for water filtration. They are made of Polypropylene. They are available in different sizes & lengths to suit different sizes of filter cartridges. They have a wall mounting clamp and have 3/4” inlet / outlet connections for free flow of water through them. The top lid can be easily unscrewed to clean inside.