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Leading Manufacturer and Trader of Aerosol Machinery such as Liquid Filling Machine - Motorised, Aerosol Gas Charging Machine and Aerosol Can Crimping Machine from Coimbatore.

Liquid Filling Machine - Motorised

"MGI" Motorised Liquid Filling Machine (Syruper) is an ideal machine for pumping accurate quantities of water, milk, juice, syrups, oils, medicines, liquid blue and all other such free flowing liquids. The machine is very robust and made fully of stainless steel. The motor and gear box are of the best quality and guaranteed for one year. The pump consists of a stainless steel flange with screw arrangement. Quantity of liquid can be accurately controlled with the help of the screw. The pump is designed for continuous use and requires very little maintenance.

Salient features:

  • Compact design suitable for table top operation
  • High reliability - output quantity with less than 1% variation
  • Consistent performance
  • Maintenance free
  • High quality finish

Aerosol Can Crimping Machine

The Aerosol Can Crimping Machine is a simple machine to operate and is used for crimping Aerosol Cans.

Method of Usage

  • The cap to be crimped with the valve is placed on the mouth of the filled can.
  • The height adjustment is made according to the height of the can.
  • The handle is then pressed. The Crimping Collets open and crimp the cap.
  • The crimped Can may now be removed from the machine.
  • Any Can may be crimped, but the Crimping Collets must be designed according to its size.
  • An average production of about 6 Cans per minute can be achieved. However, this depends on the dexterity of the operator.

Aerosol Gas Charging Machine

The Aerosol Gas Charging machine is designed keeping in view the need of a small manufacturer. The machine is compact & requires very little space for installation. It can fill gas in containers / bottles of max. height 200mm & min. height 100mm. The machine can be used to fill various items like perfumes, insecticides, mosquito repellents, lighter gases, oils, contact cleaners, pharmaceuticals and many other similar items, which need to be sprayed for maximum effectiveness. The process of filling is simple and can be easily mastered.

The sealed container / bottle filled with liquid is placed on the bottle table of the machine and the table is pressed up to locate the bottle valve in to the filling head nozzle. Then the ball valve provided above the head is opened to fill the liquid propellant in to the container / bottle. The required quantity is determined by the level of the liquid in the gauge glass and the scale provided under the acrylic front box. Once the desired quantity is filled the valve is closed and the container / bottle is removed from the machine. The container / bottle is now ready to spray.

If pressure inside the propellant is not sufficient enough to fill the container / bottle, external pressure in the form of pure air or nitrogen must be applied through booster inlet valve provided on top of the machine.

Optional Accessories

  • Propellant Cylinder
  • Stand for propellant cylinder
  • Air Compressor
  • FRL for compressed air
  • Flexible pipe to connect air compressor & machine.

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