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Offering you a complete choice of products which include Soda - Soft Drink Making Machinery - For Glass Bottles such as Carbonators, Bottle Rinser, Bottle Brushing Unit - For Glass Bottles, Aerated Water Making Machine, Additional Filler, Ultra Violet Filter and many more items.

Aerated Water Making Machine

The Machine is a one man factory for making Soda and Soft drinks. Approximately 5000 bottles can be made in a shift of 8 hours. It consists of the following main components:

Pump : It is a three piston pump with a capacity to pump approx. 500 litres per hour. The pump is powered by a ˝ HP motor. The pumped water is fed into the carbonator through a non-return valve. The fixed pumping speed ensures that the proper quantity of water is fed to the carbonator and in turn the carbonating ratio between water and CO2 is maintained.

Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) : The PRV ensures that a fixed pressure of CO2 is fed into the carbonator. In effect it is the heart of the machine and its maintenance and normal functioning is vital to the machine and quality of drink. The PRV can be adjusted for various pressures according to the soda/soft drink being made.

Carbonator : The Carbonator tank is made of stainless steel and houses a shower and series of SS plates. Gas and water are mixed in the tank. The shower and special SS plates inside ensure that the water passing through it is saturated thoroughly thereby ensuring optimum carbonation.

Filling Head : First a crown cork is fixed inside the head. Then a bottle is kept on the bottle table. On lifting of a lever, soda flows into the bottle through a filling valve. To eliminate the air inside the bottle, a snifting valve is provided. Thus when the bottle is being filled, the air is eliminated through the snift valve. Due to this, some amount of soda also flows out through the snift valve. This is unavoidable. When the bottle is full, the lever is released and the foot pedal pressed for capping the bottle. The bottle is then removed and the next crown cork and bottle are kept and the whole process is repeated.

Motor : The motor is ˝ HP either single phase or three phase.

To make Soft drinks, the syrup concentrate is pre-filled into the bottle. The bottle is then kept on the machine and soda filled. The force with which the soda flows into the bottle (since soda is flowing from a higher pressure inside the carbonator to the atmospheric pressure of the bottle) ensures that the previously filled syrup mixes with the soda and the soft drink is ready. This method of making soft drink is called Post mix system.

Accessories supplied with the machine :

  • A detailed catalogue of the machine. An exploded view of each section of the machine helps in the maintenance and spares parts ordering. A separate section is devoted to the fault finding procedure for each section of the machine wherein are explained the various reasons of a complaint and the methods to tackle such problems.
  • A complete spanner set along with special spanners, tools and oil can are provided.
  • An extra set of washers is provided with the machine.

Additional Filler

This is an additional filler required for increasing production. This unit consists of a M. S. Stand on which are mounted the Filling Head and the Capping arrangement with the foot. This is in effect part of the main machine and is to be joined to it with the help of a copper / stainless steel pipe. Soda made in the main machine flows to this unit where another person can do the production. Therefore the production is doubled. The Filling Head and the foot assembly are the same as in the main machine and the maintenance and operating procedure are the same as for the main machine.

Syruper - Motorized

Syruper is an ideal machine for filling accurate quantity of syrup in bottles. This can be used to pre-fill the bottles with syrup for making soft drinks. It is available in manual and motorised models. The motorised machine is very robust and made fully of Stainless steel. The motor and gear box are of the best quality and guaranteed for one year.

The pump consists of a stainless steel flange with screw arrangement. Quantity of liquid can be accurately controlled with the help of the screw. The pump is designed for continuous use and requires very little maintenance.

Syruper - Manual

Syruper is an ideal machine for filling accurate quantity of syrup in bottles. This can be used to pre-fill the bottles with syrup for making soft drinks. It is available in manual and motorised models. In the manual model the tank provided is filled up with 5 litres of the syrup. The quantity to be filled is adjusted by raising or lowering the adjustment rod provided. A bottle is manually pressed up on the bell and the adjusted quantity of syrup is transferred to the bottle.

Bottle Rinser

After Brushing, the bottles have to be cleaned with a Rinser. The Rinser consists of a Stainless Steel pipe and tray. The Rinser is connected to a water source like overhead tank. The ball valve on the machine is in closed position. 24 Bottles are kept up side down in the 24 Rubber cups provided. Then the ball valve is opened. Water jets into each of the bottles. The bottles are thus rinsed of dust particles. Approximately 48 bottles can be rinsed per minute. If there is no overhead tank, the rinser can be supplied with a pump.

Bottle Brushing Unit - For Glass Bottles

The Brushing unit is used for brush cleaning bottles. It is assembled on a stainless steel base plate with a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) cover. This cover protects a 1/4 Hp I Phase 230 V 50 Hz motor. The motor is connected to two stainless steel shafts with pullies & v-belt. This unit must be mounted on the center of a cement / stainless steel / plastic tank of height 2.5 - 3 feet. The size of the tank depends on the space availability and the number of bottles to be washed. The brushing unit thus mounted has two brushes extending on one side and two brushes on the other. Therefore two people standing on opposite sides of the tank can at once clean 4 bottles. There are two types of brushes mounted on the unit. One long brush cleans the inside of the bottles and at the same time another brush cleans the mouth of the bottle where there is generally rust formation due to crown corks. Two persons can wash approximately 8-12 bottles per minute. This depends on the dexterity of the workers and dirtiness of the bottles.

Ultra Violet Filter

Ultra Violet Water Filter System is ideal for filtration of water. It is generally used for filtration of Bore well and Well water. It is a 3-in-1 filter system.

It has a 10 micron filter cartridge which removes all visible dust particles. The water then flows through an activated Carbon Cartridge which removes chemicals and odour. Then the water flows through the UV chamber where two UV lamps are provided. They help to eliminate bacteria, germs, pathogens etc. The filter can process about 500 litres of water per hour. It can be connected to an overhead tank and the water will flow through it by gravity. There is no need for pumps.

It is wall mountable and easy to assemble. It requires very little maintenance and is user serviceable. It is an ideal unit for Soda / Soft drink makers, juice processing factories, hostels, hotels, etc. and wherever bulk drinking water is required.


These Carbonators are ideal for small scale soda factories who want to increase their production capacities. The carbonators are very robust, sturdy & made from SS 304. They are of simple construction, hence, maintenance & repairs are very easy. Due to their special internal construction, quality of soda is high & better gas volumes can be achieved.

They have a shower & a series of SS Plates mounted one on top of the other. The water is showered inside the carbonator and trickles down the plates. This ensures thorough saturation.

A highly efficient Triplex pump feeds the carbonator with water. The pump has high quality durable seals that ensures very low maintenance of the pump. Water is fed by the pump to the carbonator from the top. CO2 gas is fed to the carbonator through a Pressure Regulating Valve from the bottom. The whole assembly is mounted on a SS stand.

The carbonators are available in three sizes

  • 1. Small - 5” diameter x 2.5 ft. height. This carbonator is sufficient to feed 2 fillers at a time.
  • 2. Medium - 8” diameter x 3.5 ft. height. This carbonator is sufficient to feed 3 fillers at a time.
  • 3. Large - 12” diameter x 5 ft. height. This carbonator is sufficient to feed 5 fillers at a time.


The Stirrer is basically a mixer with a fan blade at the bottom. It is used for stirring/mixing liquids like juices, syrups, etc. It is also most useful in the rubber, chemical and other industries where a homogenous mix of the liquid is critical to product quality. The Stirrer consists of a high speed motor mounted on a bell housing from where four stainless steel rods extend down and support a frame of stainless steel plates with holes. The motor shaft is connected to the fan blade at the bottom with a central stainless steel shaft.

The stirrer is hung inside the container holding the liquid with the help of a wire rope and winch provided. The bottom of the stirrer is kept about six inches above the bottom of the container.When the motor is switched on, the central shaft turns and rotates the blade.

The blade pushes the liquid through the holes in the stainless steel frame and thus the liquid is broken up into bits and mixes well. The stirrer is used for 10 minutes – 30 minutes as required. The size of the stirrer may vary according to the quantity of liquid to be mixed at a time. The stirrer has an advantage over the conventional mixers in that the liquid is mixed by breaking it up rather than making it revolve in the container.

Gas Volume Tester

This unit is used for determining the ‘Gas Volumes’ of a soda/soft drink. ‘Gas volume’ is a unit determined by the pressure inside a bottle and the temperature of the liquid. The Gas Volume Tester is basically a quality-checking unit. One or two bottles are taken out from the production line at regular intervals and gas volumes checked. A thermometer is also required. The Tester is first clamped on the bottle to be checked. Then the bottle is punctured with the spindle by rotating the knob and the pressure noted on the pressure gauge. The Tester is then removed, bottle opened and the temperature of liquid checked. Both values are noted and the ‘gas volumes’ found by referring the chart provided. Soda and various soft drinks have varying ‘gas volumes’ and the values have to be adhered to get the best quality.

Sand Water Filter

The Sand Water Filter is used for filtering out all visible dust particles from water. To a certain extent, It also removes chemicals and odour from water.

The Filter is made of Fibre Reinforced Plastic(FRP) and is therefore maintenance free. The FRP material is ideally suited for water filtration tanks and is very strong and rigid. The tank requires no painting and does not rust.

Water passes through four layers of special Quartz stones and stones and a layer of Activated Carbon. A 10 micron filter catridge is also provided at its outlet to remove tiny dust particles. A system of pipes and ball valves is provided which are attached to the main portion of the tank. The filter can be connected to an overhead tank and the water flows through the filter by gravity. About 500 liters of water can be filtered per hour.

Other than periodic backwash and a change of carbon, a filter requires very little maintenance.

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