Soda Making Machinery - For PET Bottles - Low Investment

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Soda Making Machinery - For PET Bottles - Low Investment such as Additional Filler - Manual and Carbonators For Soda Making from India.

Additional Filler - Manual

The Table model filler is used for filling Soda / Soft drink in PET Bottles. It can be mounted on a table & attached with the main Soda Machine with the help of a copper or stainless steel pipe. It is very easy to use & is trouble free.

The PET Bottle is held on the machine by its neck. The lower handle is pressed & the bottle moves up into the filling head. A washer seats on the mouth of the bottle. Next the filling lever is pressed & soda flows into the bottle. The snift valve on the side of the filling head helps the air in the bottle to escape thus ensuring an even fill & good quality of soda.

Advantages of the Filler:

  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for existing soda & soft drink factories who want to fill in PET Bottles
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Spares of main soda machine are suitable for this machine
  • Production capacity 200-250 (1.5 ltr.) Bottles per hour
  • Light weight & portable
  • The machine is delivered in ready to use condition & therefore does not require elaborate assembly.

Semi Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

This is a compact washing machine for glass bottles. It is made fully of SS 304. It consists of a Brushing unit mounted on one side of the machine. The unit has 4 brushes. An extra set of mouth cleaning brushes are also provided. The brushed bottles are then kept upside down on the adjoining rinser trays which are of plastic. These trays can hold 24 bottles. Once the tray is full, it is manually pushed and it goes to the next place where the bottles are rinsed with high speed jets of water. For this two HP pumps are provided. The machine can hold 6 trays in a row. The bottles are rinsed two times one after the other. The rinsed water falls back into the plastic bin at the bottom and is recycled. The bin can hold about 100 litres of water. It is provided with water inlet & outlet ball valves.

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