Soda Making Machinery - For PET Bottles -Semi Auto Option

Leading Manufacturer and Trader of Soda Making Machinery - For PET Bottles -Semi Auto Option such as Aerated Water Making Machine - PET Bottles, Filter Press, Gas Volume Tester - PET Bottles, Motorized Syruper, PET Bottle Capping Machine, PET Bottle Rinser and many more items from Coimbatore.

Aerated Water Making Machine - PET Bottles

The “MGI” Counter Pressure Filler System is a unique Pneumatically operated one man factory for manufacturing Soda / Soft drinks in any size of PET / Glass bottles. The system is available with 2 or 4 filling heads.

Pump, Carbonator & Regulator

TIt Consists of a motor driven 3 Piston high efficiency pump feeding a stainless steel carbonator designed for better gas water mixing. Special internal construction inside the Carbonator ensures that the water passing through it is saturated automatically. A regulator is provided to constantly monitor the pressure of CO2 gas, ensuing uniformity in the quality of carbonated water. It also protects the carbonator from high pressure. A safety valve on the regulator releases excess pressure developed into the atmosphere.

Counter Pressure Filler Tank

The soda flows from Carbonator to Counter Pressure Filler Tank. The filler tank is provided with counter pressure valves and arrangement for holding 2/4 bottles at a time. The bottles are kept manually and the valves are operated pneumatically. The bottles fill up only to a fixed level and do not overflow. After the bottles are full, they are removed and capped.

The Unique Advantages of Counter Pressure Filler System

  • Quality of soda is very high
  • Wastage of soda / soft drink is minimal
  • Level of liquid filling is even
  • Easy pneumatic operation

Other Important Features of the Machine

  • The Carbonator is designed to give better gas volumes at low pressure, which means saving on costly raw materials and low wear and tear of the machine.
  • The pump and non-return valves are designed to give maximum output without any loss of efficiency.
  • The whole machine is compact and can be easily installed in a comparatively small space.
  • The production of the machine depends on the dexterity of the operator.

Filter Press

The filter press is an ideal equipment for filtering the sugar syrup. It is portable and easy to use. Available with optional heating arrangement by boiler & steam jacketted kettle. The filter press is available in a wide range of output capacities & sizes.

Gas Volume Tester - PET Bottles

This unit is used for determining the ‘Gas Volumes’ of a soda/soft drink. ‘Gas volume’ is a unit determined by the pressure inside a bottle and the temperature of the liquid. The Gas Volume Tester is basically a quality-checking unit. One or two bottles are taken out from the production line at regular intervals and gas volumes checked. A thermometer is also required.

The Tester is first clamped on the bottle to be checked. Then the bottle is punctured with the spindle by rotating the knob and the pressure noted on the pressure gauge. The Tester is then removed, bottle opened and the temperature of liquid checked. Both values are noted and the ‘gas volumes’ found by referring chart provided. Soda and various soft drinks have varying ‘gas volumes’ and the values have to be adhered to get the best quality.

Motorized Syruper

Syruper is an ideal machine for filling accurate quantity of syrup in bottles. This can be used to pre-fill the bottles with syrup for making soft drinks. It is available in motorised model.

The motorised machine is very robust and made fully of Stainless steel. The motor and gear box are of the best quality and guaranteed for one year.

The pump consists of a stainless steel flange with screw arrangement. Quantity of liquid can be accurately controlled with the help of the screw. The pump is designed for continuous use and requires very little maintenance.

PET Bottle Capping Machine

“MGI” PET Bottle Capping Machine is most ideal for capping Mineral Water Bottles, Soda / Soft Drink Bottles or any plastic bottles. The machine is of simple construction, robust and very easy to use. It consists of a 1/4 Hp motor with gear box mounted on a M. S. stand. Special capping die is fixed on output shaft of gear box. The die consists of a bush with knurling, which grips the outer of the plastic cap.

When the motor is switched on, the die rotates at a speed of 100 rpm. The cap is placed on the PET bottle to be capped. The foot is pressed and the bottle is placed on the neck holding arrangement provided. Now the foot is released thereby pressing the cap into the bush. The cap rotates along with the die and is thus tightened. Once the cap is tight, the bush slips with the help of a ratchet arrangement ensuring that the plastic cap is not damaged. After the capping is over, the bottle can be removed by pressing the foot.


  • Production can be as high as 12-15 bottles per minute.
  • Very little maintenance is required.
  • Motor is guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Simple and lightweight for easy transportation.
  • Ergonomic design for easy usability.
  • Anyone can operate - no skill or training is required.
  • Extra set of springs and ball for ratchet are provided with the machine.

PET Bottle Rinser

The Rinser consists of a Stainless Steel pipe and tray. The Rinser is connected to a water source like overhead tank. The ball valve on the machine is in closed position. 24 Bottles are kept up side down in the 12 Nylon cups provided. Then the ball valve is opened. Water jets into each of the bottles. The bottles are thus rinsed of dust particles. Approximately 24 bottles can be rinsed per minute. If there is no overhead tank, the rinser can be supplied with a pump.

Shrink Wrapping Machine

  • Used for Shrink Wrapping a set of bottles on a cardboard tray.
  • Also used for Shrink Wrapping Labels on the bottles.
  • Thermally insulated, energy efficient design
  • Conveyor speed can be varied
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Can be integrated with automatic packaging lines
  • Used for pilfer proof high visibility packaging
  • Bigger window sizes & rotary shrink tunnels are available on specific enquiry.

Stirrer - Motorized

The Stirrer is basically a mixer with a fan blade at the bottom. It is used for stirring/mixing liquids like juices, syrups, curd etc. It is also most useful in the rubber, chemical and other industries where a homogenous mix of the liquid is critical to product quality. The Stirrer consists of a high speed motor mounted on a bell housing from where four stainless steel rods extend down and support a frame of stainless steel plates with holes. The motor shaft is connected to the fan blade at the bottom with a central stainless steel shaft.

The stirrer is hung inside the container holding the liquid with the help of a wire rope and winch provided. The bottom of the stirrer is kept about six inches above the bottom of the container. When the motor is switched on, the central shaft turns and rotates the blade. The blade pushes the liquid through the holes in the stainless steel frame and thus the liquid is broken up into bits and mixes well. The stirrer is used for 10 minutes – 30 minutes as required. The size of the stirrer may vary according to the quantity of liquid to be mixed at a time. The stirrer has an advantage over the conventional mixers in that the liquid is mixed by breaking it up rather than making it revolve in the container.

Ultra Violet Water Filter

Ultra Violet Water Filter System is ideal for filtration of water. It is generally used for filtration of Bore well and Well water. It is a 3-in-1 filter system.

It has a 10 micron filter cartridge which removes all visible dust particles. The water then flows through an activated Carbon Cartridge which removes chemicals and odor. Then the water flows through the UV chamber where two UV lamps are provided. They help to eliminate bacteria, germs, pathogens etc. The filter can process about 500 liters of water per hour. It can be connected to an overhead tank and the water will flow through it by gravity. There is no need for pumps. It is wall mountable and easy to assemble. It requires very little maintenance and is user serviceable. It is an ideal unit for Soda / Soft drink makers, juice processing factories, hostels, hotels, etc. and wherever bulk drinking water is required.

Water Chilling Plant

Chilled water is an absolute necessity for soda/soft drink making ensuring better carbonation. MGI Chilling plant is ideal for cooling water from ambient/room temperature to about 4-5 degrees Celsius. It is designed for efficiency to save on power and temperature loss. It has a refrigeration system and cooling tank consisting of an inner tank made of stainless steel and an outer MS tank. Sufficient insulation is done between them to prevent loss of temperature thus improving the efficiency of the Chiller. Water inlet and outlet connections are conveniently provided for easy installation and piping. A temperature indicator is also provided to monitor outlet temperature.

The Chiller is available in various capacities. Its size, shape & type may vary according to its capacity & may not be as per the photo shown here.

Bottlex Batch Coder

The batch coder is a handy tool with the following salient features:

  • Expo model for printing Batch No., Pkd., Exp., MRP, Net Wt., Qty, Size, etc.
  • Indelible printing ink & re-usable nylon letters Can print on any surface like flat, round, curved, bottom, etc. Can print on any material like plastic, metal, films, polythene, hdpe sacks, ceramic, glass, etc. Can print on any product like bottles, jars, pouches, labels, laminated cartons, tins, cups, etc. Can print on porous & non-porous surfaces Can print statutory information & can make instant stamps Special fast drying ink supplied with the batch coder.

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