Soda Making Machinery - For Glass Bottles -Semi Auto Option

Providing you the best range of Soda Making Machinery - For Glass Bottles -Semi Auto Option such as Additional Filler - Pneumatic, Rotary Aerated Water Making Machine and Semi Automatic Bottle Washing Machine with effective & timely delivery.

Additional Filler - Pneumatic

This is an additional filler, pneumatically operated, required for increasing production. This unit consists of a M. S. Box Stand on which are mounted the Filling Head and the Capping arrangement. This is in effect part of the main machine and is to be joined to it with the help of a copper / stainless steel pipe. Soda made in the main machine flows to this unit where another person can do the production. Therefore the production is doubled. The Filling Head and the foot assembly are the same as in the main machine and the maintenance and operating procedure are the same as for the main machine.

The Pneumatic model is very easy to use & cuts down on manual labour drastically. A single lever does both filling & capping operations. An air compressor is required to operate this machine. In case one does not have the main machine, an additional carbonator will have to be purchased.

Rotary Aerated Water Making Machine

“MGI” Semi Automatic Rotary Soda / Soft Drink Machine for Glass bottles is a unique machine designed and developed for the small scale soda/soft drink manufacturer. The machine is basically simple and easy to use and does not require any skilled labor.

The machine is pneumatically operated. It's simple construction and functioning needs very little maintenance. The average production of the machine is about 24 bottles per minute. All three sizes 200 ml / 250 ml / 300 ml can be filled on the machine.

The machine has a central control panel from where all the functions of the machine can be controlled by the main operator. The machine is powered by a 1 Hp motor and is supplied with a 3 Hp III ph air compressor (optional) and a suitable Carbonator. The rotations per minute (RPM) and therefore the production can be set with the help of mechanical speed controller. The machine has six filling heads. Three persons are needed to operate the machine. As the heads turn at fixed speed one person has the job of inserting the crowns, the next person keeps the bottles. Filling and crown capping take place automatically. The third person removes the filled and capped bottles. All parameters such as crown capping pressure, gasket rubber pressure, soda pressure, soda inlet quantity, air compressor pressure etc can be accurately controlled and monitored.

The salient features of the machine are:

  • Easy to use with very little maintenance
  • Maintenance is limited to change of washers and springs. These are same as in ordinary soda/soft drink machines and easily available.
  • All pneumatic equipment used are of the best quality “JANATICS” make.
  • The machine is very sturdy and it is fabricated out of stainless steel 304 grade.
  • The motor and gear box used are of the best quality.
  • A stainless steel guard has been provided on the filling/capping side to avoid bottle breakage injury.
  • The machine is compact and can be installed in a comparatively small space.
  • All spares of the machine are readily available.
  • The simple construction of the machine ensures that it is user serviceable thus reducing down time.
  • The pneumatic section of the machine is easily accessible. So minor adjustments and servicing can be done quickly.
  • Air & soda connection points are provided at easily accessible points.
  • The carbonator supplied with the machine is fitted with an automatic water level controller to switch on and off the pump according to the water level in it and therefore does not require constant monitoring.
  • The bottle table level can be easily adjusted according to the size and height of bottles.

Semi Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

This is a compact washing machine for glass bottles. It is made fully of SS 304. It consists of a Brushing unit mounted on one side of the machine. The unit has 4 brushes. An extra set of mouth cleaning brushes are also provided. The brushed bottles are then kept upside down on the adjoining rinser trays which are of plastic. These trays can hold 24 bottles. Once the tray is full, it is manually pushed and it goes to the next place where the bottles are rinsed with high speed jets of water. For this two ½ HP pumps are provided. The machine can hold 6 trays in a row. The bottles are rinsed two times one after the other. The rinsed water falls back into the plastic bin at the bottom and is recycled. The bin can hold about 100 litres of water. It is provided with water inlet & outlet ball valves.

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