Potato Chips Making Machinery

Manufacturer & Trader of Potato Chips Making Machinery & Potato Chips Making Machines. Our product range also comprises of Aerosol Machinery, Bottle Washing Machinery and Cap- Foil Sealing Machinery - For Various Bottles.

Potato Chips Making Machines

“MGI” Potato Chips making machines are compact, versatile & easy to use. There are totally three machines used for Peeling, Slicing & Dehydrating the Potatoes which are then ready to fry. The Potatoes are first put in the Peeling machine. Next the potatoes are pushed one by one into the Slicing machine. The Sliced Chips are finally dehydrated, i.e. excess water is removed from the chips in the Dehydrating machine. The thickness of the Potato Slice can be adjusted. Finger chips and Rippled chips can also be manufactured in the Slicing machine by changing the blade platter, available at extra cost.

The Peeling machine has contact parts of stainless steel whereas the slicer has an aluminum casing. The dehydrating machine has a stainless steel casing and inner drum wherein the chips are put for drying. The inner drum is removable for easy of unloading the dehydrated chips.

All the three machines are very easy to install and require no skilled labour for operation.

The output capacity of all the 3 machines together isapproximately 500 kgs. / 8 hours.

Modified Atmosphere Packing

This machine is used for vacuuming, Nitrogen gas flushing and packing of laminated foils. The Machine is foot pedal and pneumatically operated and an air compressor is required. The laminated bag filled with its contents is held between the jaws of the machine and foot pedal is pressed. The machine then automatically vacuums the air out of the bag, injects Nitrogen gas and then heat seals it.

Vacuum, Nitrogen gas flush and heat seal times can be set, and adjusted as required. The machine is easy to use and once the timings are set, any unskilled person can operate. An approximate production of 3-4 bags per minute can be done by an agile operator. The machine gives a perfect seal, so that the contents of the packet are proctected and the gas does not leak out.

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