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Pioneers in the industry, we offer Packaging Machinery such as Mobile Sealer, L Sealer, Hot Air Gun, Gunny Bag / Poly Bag Stitching Machine, Band Sealer, Vacuum Packaging Machine and many more items from India.

Mobile Sealer

  • For packing heavy bags
  • Ideal for packing bulk tea, chemical, spices, etc.
  • Mobility to reach to the filled bag
  • Height adjustment from 0.3 to 1.3 metres

Tong Sealer

  • A portable sealing unit that can be taken to the object to be sealed
  • Sealing possible at different angles
  • Audio / Visual sealing indicators
  • Provision for belt to suspend from shoulder or ceiling

Hot Air Gun

Heat Shrink tubing, removing paint and de-freezing frozen pipes are just some of the jobs that can be easily done with these hot air guns. The HL 1400 S fulfills all requirements of a modern and risk-free use of heat guns.

The 2-stage step switch for temperature 300 Deg C (550 Deg F) to 500 Deg C (900 Deg F) and airflow, joined with an assortment of plug-on nozzles complete the unit. The light weight, simple to handle body style makes working with the HL 1400 S easy.

Available in various capacities & models.

L Sealer

  • Adjustable platform height to accommodate varying package size
  • Adjustable platform to ensure optimum sealing & cutting
  • Film separator, Film roll stand, Film puncturing device
  • Film separator easily separates layers of the folded film roll & also serves as a loading table.
  • Film separator can be moved to suit film rolls of different widths

Gunny Bag / Poly Bag Stitching Machine

This is a handy easy to use stitching machine for stitching jute,cloth or plastic bags. A very useful machine for chemical, cement, tea, food grains and other such industries.

The machine is light weight and can be easily carried to the bag for stitching. The stitches are inter looped for extra strength.

Band Sealer

  • To seal different types of pre filled flexible polythene pouches, continuously
  • Applications in various industries
  • Adjustable temperature / PID controller models, suitable for a vide spectrum of materials
  • Variable speed conveyor & Vertical / Horizontal mountable models
  • Optional embossing facility on sealing on select models

Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber, Transparent lid for observation
  • Provision for gas flushing
  • Provision for measurement & control of vacuum
  • Impulse heat sealing system with electronic timer; audio / visual indicators
  • Vacuum packing increases shelf life of perishables, retains aroma, prevents moisture absorption and oxidation
  • Recommended for packing fish, meat products, cashew nuts, dry fruits, tea, sensitive electronic components & electrodes

Shrink Wrap Tunnel

  • Thermally insulated, energy efficient design
  • Conveyor speed can be varied
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Can be integrated with automatic packaging lines
  • Used for pilfer proof high visibility packaging
  • Bigger window sizes & rotary shrink tunnels are available on specific enquiry

Plastic Bag Sealer - Hand Operated

  • Ideal for sealing heat sealable poly pouches
  • Hand operated Impulse (Instant) sealing
  • Hot bar sealers for laminated pouches
  • Adjustable electronic timer
  • Audio / Visual sealing indicators
  • Suitable for packing solids, granules & powders
  • Round element option for simultaneous sealing & cutting

Plastic Bag Sealer - Foot Operated

  • Ideal for sealing heat sealable poly pouches
  • Impulse (Instant) sealing, High productivity
  • Hot bar sealers for laminated pouches
  • Adjustable Electronic timer, Audio / Visual sealing indicators
  • Adjustable bag rest

Modified Atmosphere Sealer

  • Pumps out air from the pouch & fills the pouch with inert gas
  • Hot bar sealing suitable for laminated pouches
  • Semi automatic operation
  • Operator independent sealing, eliminates human error
  • Ideal for packing food items like chips, snacks, dry fruits, nuts, etc.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging prevents spoilage due to fungal & bacterial growth
  • Due to air cushion, chips, snacks, etc. do not crush during transportation or storage

Bed Sealer

  • Can seal upto a length of 6 feet
  • Reverse bend rocker arm for uniform sealing for entire length
  • Equipped with bearing mounted lever to achieve maximum pressure during sealing

Foil Sealer

  • For pilfer evident & leak proof sealing of aluminum foils on cups, cans, bottles, plastic containers & trays
  • Height adjustment
  • Heat control

Induction Sealer

  • High quality sealing device
  • For sealing aluminum foils on glass or plastic bottles
  • Leak proof sealing for better shelf life
  • Easy to operate
  • Conveyour feeding option available for high production

Liquid Filling Machine

  • Low capital cost - affordable machine
  • Capable of giving consistently high accuracy
  • Production capacity of 8 to 10 pouches / minute depending upon the viscosity of liquid pressure

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