Fruit Juice Machinery

We are a leading Manufacturer & Trader of Fruit Juice Machinery such as Motorized Stirrer, Fruit Pulper, Fruit Juice Machine, Colloid Mill and Boiler from India.

Fruit Pulper

“MGI” Fruit Pulper is ideal for pulping Tomatoes, Mangoes, Raspberry, Strawberry, Papaya, Rock Melon, Jamoon, Guava, Peach, Grapes, Bananas, etc.

The contact parts during pulping process are made of Stainless Steel. The Stand is of rigid Mild Steel construction. It is provided with a Stainless Steel Sieve of size 0.8mm which is ideal for most of the fruits. Inside the Sieve a Nylon Brush and a Blade are provided. The Pulper is powered by a 1 Hp I Ph. Motor. The Pulper can process about 500 kgs. of fruit per 8 hour shift. The Pulper is very compact and can be easily installed in a comparatively small space. Its easy operation and maintenance requires no skilled labour to operate it. Also it can be easily dismantled for cleaning, after operation, and quickly reassembled.

The Fruit pulper is a must for any small scale fruit processing unit and can be installed even at home.

Options Available:

  • Sieve hole diameter can be varied for specific application.
  • Pulper with higher output capacity can be designed (500kgs/hr or higher)
  • Extra Nylon Brushes for specific fruits can be provided.


We design and manufacture hot water and steam boiler of outstanding quality in cost effective modethat meet the modern day requirements of the industry. This generating system essentially comprises of a fully automatic reverse flame package type steam generator, which includes membrane type helical coil integral combustion chamber accommodated in S.S. and insulated shell. The hot fuel outlet is connected to smoke tube preheated to preheat feed water. The whole assembly is mounted on common base frame. This boiler is highly efficient and can be easily installed and dismantled. It is a multi fuel type boiler and can use firewood, diesel or gas.

Colloid Mill

Colloid Mill is an ideal and perfect homogenizer-cum-emulsifier. It finds its application in various processes like grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing, extracting etc., catering to the needs of several industries, such as

  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Food, Dairy, Sweetmeats and confectionery Industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Paint Industry.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Cosmetic and Detergent Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Sausage Production and meat packing Industry
  • Starch Industry.
  • Paper Industry


In Colloid Mill the product is subjected to high shearing, cutting, and rubbing forces between twotoothed surfaces. The ground material continuously leaves the mill through the outlet pipe, and if required, it can be recirculated.


  • All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantled and cleaned.
  • Machine is designed for continuous operation.
  • Cylindrical screen for higher output.
  • Feed Hopper, recirculating pipe and mouth hopper are supplied as standard with Colloid Mill.
  • All contact parts of the mill are made of stainless steel.

Motorized Stirrer

The Stirrer is basically a mixer with a fan blade at the bottom. It is used for stirring/mixing liquids like juices, syrups, etc. It is also most useful in the rubber, chemical and other industries where a homogenous mix of the liquid is critical to product quality. The Stirrer consists of a high speed motor mounted on a bell housing from where four stainless steel rods extend down and support a frame of stainless steel plates with holes. The motor shaft is connected to the fan blade at the bottom with a central stainless steel shaft.

The stirrer is hung inside the container holding the liquid with the help of a wire rope and winch provided. The bottom of the stirrer is kept about six inches above the bottom of the container. When the motor is switched on, the central shaft turns and rotates the blade. The blade pushes the liquid through the holes in the stainless steel frame and thus the liquid is broken up into bits and mixes well. The stirrer is used for 10 minutes – 30 minutes as required. The size of the stirrer may vary according to the quantity of liquid to be mixed at a time.

The stirrer has an advantage over the conventional mixers in that the liquid is mixed by breaking it up rather than making it revolve in the container.

Fruit Juice Machine

This machine is especially designed to press citrus fruits such as sweet lime, orange, lemon, pineapple, etc. It extracts pure juice from the fruits. All the contact parts are either of sturdy aluminum casting or stainless steel and it has a beautiful enamel body. It is suitable for continuous operation and can be cleaned and maintained easily.

Available in various capacities & models.

Glass Bottle Rinser

After Brushing, the bottles have to be cleaned with a Rinser. The Rinser consists of a Stainless Steel pipe and tray. The Rinser is connected to a water source like overhead tank. The ball valve on the machine is in closed position. 24 Bottles are kept up side down in the 24 Rubber cups provided. Then the ball valve is opened. Water jets into each of the bottles. The bottles are thus rinsed of dust particles. Approximately 48 bottles can be rinsed per minute. If there is no overhead tank, the rinser can be supplied with a pump.

Modified Atmosphere Packing

This machine is used for vacuuming, Nitrogen gas flushing and packing of laminated foils. The Machine is foot pedal and pneumatically operated and an air compressor is required. The laminated bag filled with its contents is held between the jaws of the machine and foot pedal is pressed. The machine then automatically vacuums the air out of the bag, injects Nitrogen gas and then heat seals it.

Vacuum, Nitrogen gas flush and heat seal times can be set, and adjusted as required. The machine is easy to use and once the timings are set, any unskilled person can operate. An approximate production of 3-4 bags per minute can be done by an agile operator. The machine gives a perfect seal, so that the contents of the packet are proctected and the gas does not leak out.

Pneumatic Plastic Bottle Capper

This is an easy to use tool for capping plastic bottles - fast. It is connected to an air compressor and is very handy and portable.

The cap is placed on the bottle and the Pneumatic Capper is pressed on the cap. It is tightened pneumatically and stops once the set torque is reached. The tightening levle of the cap can be adjusted with the torque adjuster provided on the tool.

PET Bottle Capper - Motorised

PET Bottle Capping Machine is most ideal for capping Mineral Water Bottles Soda/soft Drink Bottles or any plastic bottles. The machine is of simple construction, robust and very easy to use. It consists of a motor with gear box. Special capping die is fixed on output shaft of gear box. The die consists of a bush with knurling which grips the outer of the plastic cap. When the motor is switched on the die rotates at a speed of 100rpm. The cap is placed on the PET to be capped. The bottle with cap is pressed into the rotating die.

The cap rotates along with the die and is thus tightened. Once the cap is tight, the bush slips with the help of a ratchet arrangement ensuring that the plastic cap is not damaged. After the capping is over, the bottle can be removed.

Sterilizer Tank

The Pasturized tank is useful for sterilizing of filled bottles in the juice industry. It is available in different sizes and types. It consists of a heat chamber (Jacketed) connected to the boiler for supply of steam.

The bottles to be sterilized are put into the chamber with the help of pre-fabricated baskets. After some time, the bottles are taken out. The material of construction is SS 304.

Steam Jacketed Kettle

The Steam Jacketed Kettle is useful in many food processing industries. It is ideal for heating juices and other liquids with the help of steam from Boiler. It is available in various sizes and in various types like manual or motorized tilting etc. The material of construction is SS 304 and its size varies from 50 liters up to 500 liters depending on the application and capacity required.

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