Filling - Dosing Machinery

Providing you the best range of Filling - Dosing Machinery such as Vacuum Liquid Filling Machine, Paste Filling Machine, Motorised Liquid Filling Machine and Gravity Liquid Filling Machine with effective & timely delivery.

Paste Filling Machine

  • The machine is compactly designed such that it requires minimum space for installation and operation. It is versatile to pack any paste.
  • The machine is designed for easy operation & maintenance. Even an unskilled worker can operate this machine.
  • Different quantities can be filled by adjusting a screw.
  • Paste can also be filled in tubes by an optional attachment.

Motorised Liquid Filling Machine

"MGI" Motorised Liquid Filling Machine (Syruper) is an ideal machine for pumping accurate quantities of water, milk, juice, syrups, oils, medicines, liquid blue and all other such free flowing liquids. The machine is very robust and made fully of stainless steel. The motor and gear box are of the best quality and guaranteed for one year. The pump consists of a stainless steel flange with screw arrangement. Quantity of liquid can be accurately controlled with the help of the screw. The pump is designed for continuous use and requires very little maintenance.

Salient features:

  • Compact design suitable for table top operation
  • High reliability - output quantity with less than 1% variation
  • Consistent performance
  • Maintenance free
  • High quality finish

Gravity Liquid Filling Machine

“MGI” Gravity Liquid Filling Machine is ideal for filling accurate quantities of water, milk, juice, syrups, oils, medicines, liquid blue and all other such free flowing liquids. The machine can fill any size of PET bottle up to its filling capacity. The machine is of complete stainless steel construction, requires no power supply for operation and occupies very little floor space.

Mode of Operation:

  • Liquid is first poured into the tank.
  • Four bottles are then held on the bottle holdingplate & the foot lever is pressed.
  • The bottles go up into the filling heads with thefilling nozzles inside the bottles & the liquidstarts to flow into the bottles.
  • Once the liquid level reaches the nozzle level,the foot lever can be released and the filledbottles can be taken off.
  • The above process can be repeated for the nextbatch.
  • Some amount of overflow liquid gets collectedover a period of time in the overflow tank (notsupplied with the machine). This liquid must bere-poured manually into the main tank from timeto time.

Salient features:

  • Simple operation.
  • Requires no skilled labour & even ladies caneasily operate.
  • No power supply required.
  • Simple & minimal maintenance.
  • Accuracy of fill quantity is maintained.
  • Production of about 16 bottles / minute can beachieved (250 ml bottles).
  • Can be used for filling PET bottles of any size.
  • Pneumatically operated model is also available.

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