Cap- Foil Sealing Machinery - For Various Bottles

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer and Trader from Coimbatore, we offer Cap- Foil Sealing Machinery - For Various Bottles such as Vial Cap Sealing Machine, Twist Off Lug Cap Sealer, Pilfer Proof Cap Sealer, Foil Sealer and Crown Corking Machines.

Vial Cap Sealing Machine

An indispensable tool for Hospitals, Research Institutes, Ayurvedic Concerns, Pharmaceutical Industries & Allied Traders.

  • Gives perfect & tight vial sealing.
  • Smooth operation.
  • It can be used for either small or large production.
  • Strongly built body & light in weight.
  • Hardened working parts.
  • Available in mild steel - chrome plated body as well as in stainless steel body.
  • Very simple operation.
  • The machine can be held in the hand very easily in it's open position.
  • Also available in semi-automatic model with production of 40-50 seals per minute.


First let the upper arm be free by removing the clip over it. Now the tool is in it's original condition with the open jaws. Insert the vial / bottle, with the aluminium cap over it, in the open jaws and press the arms. Please do not exert excess pressure.


Remove the upper handle by taking out the small pin. You will find there, a flattened pin. If the sealing is not tight, rotate (half or full turn) this pin in anticlockwise direction. If the sealing is too tight, causing depression on the sides of the aluminium seal, rotate (half or full turn) this pin in clockwise direction.

Twist Off Lug Cap Sealer

"MGI" Brand Twist Off Lug Cap Sealing Machine is a compact light weight Pneumatically / Manually operated machine. It is portable and of study construction. It can be used for capping bottles of Pickles, Jam, Sauces, Juices, etc. Bottles of various mouth sizes can be sealed. The method of operation is simple. Filled bottles with cap on top is placed on the bottle table. Pneumatic foot switch or hand lever ispressed. The capping head presses on the cap. Capping handle is turned 45 degrees for capping. A production of about 5-6 bottles per minute can be achieved depending on the dexterity of the operator.When the machine is pneumatically operated, an air compressor is required. The machine is available as a table top model or with stand if required.

The salient features of the machine are:

  • Convenience of usage
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Good quality pneumatic spares used for longer life
  • Contact parts are stainless steel
  • Easy availability of spare parts and therefore lesser downtime
  • Is light weight and easy for transportation.

Pilfer Proof Cap Sealer

This machine is designed to produce perfect threading and sealing of pilfer proof caps used mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The construction and working being being very simple, it demands very little skill of operation. The bottle is placed on the pressing pad along with its cap. This is then pressed against the mandrel by the operation of the compression spring handle. On operating the crank lever, the bottle along with the cap rotates. Sealing and threading is achieved by rotating the crank lever anti clockwise and pressing the sealing and threading disc holder on the cap.

Foil Sealer

  • For pilfer evident & leak proof sealing of aluminum foils on cups, cans, bottles, plastic containers & trays
  • Height adjustment
  • Heat control

Crown Corking Machines

The Crowning machines are ideal for crown capping glass bottles. One crown cap is first inserted into the Crowning head Then the bottle is placed on the bottle table. The The Hand lever or foot pedal is then pressed for capping. The machine is available in Hand, Foot and Pneumatic models. About 250-300 bottles can be capped per hour depending on the dexterity of the operator.

Any size bottle can be capped.

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