Bottle Washing Machinery

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer and Trader from Coimbatore, we offer Bottle Washing Machinery such as Glass Bottle Rinser, Bottle Brushing Unit and Automatic Bottle Washing Machine.

Bottle Brushing Unit

The Brushing unit is used for brush cleaning bottles. It is assembled on a stainless steel base plate with a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) cover. This cover protects a 1/4 Hp I Phase 230 V 50 Hz motor. The motor is connected to two stainless steel shafts with pullies & v-belt. This unit must be mounted on the center of a cement / stainless steel / plastic tank of height 2.5 - 3 feet. The size of the tank depends on the space availability and the number of bottles to be washed. The brushing unit thus mounted has two brushes extending on one side and two brushes on the other. Therefore two people standing on opposite sides of the tank can at once clean 4 bottles. There are two types of brushes mounted on the unit. One long brush cleans the inside of the bottles and at the same time another brush cleans the mouth of the bottle where there is generally rust formation due to crown corks. Two persons can wash approximately 8-12 bottles per minute. This depends on the dexterity of the workers and dirtiness of the bottles.

Glass Bottle Rinser

After Brushing, the bottles have to be cleaned with a Rinser. The Rinser consists of a Stainless Steel pipe and tray. The Rinser is connected to a water source like overhead tank. The ball valve on the machine is in closed position. 24 Bottles are kept up side down in the 24 Rubber cups provided. Then the ball valve is opened. Water jets into each of the bottles. The bottles are thus rinsed of dust particles. Approximately 48 bottles can be rinsed per minute. If there is no overhead tank, the rinser can be supplied with a pump.

Semi Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

This is a compact washing machine for glass bottles. It is made fully of SS 304. It consists of a Brushing unit mounted on one side of the machine. The unit has 4 brushes. An extra set of mouth cleaning brushes are also provided. The brushed bottles are then kept upside down on the adjoining rinser trays which are of plastic. These trays can hold 24 bottles. Once the tray is full, it is manually pushed and it goes to the next place where the bottles are rinsed with high speed jets of water. For this two Ĺ HP pumps are provided. The machine can hold 6 trays in a row. The bottles are rinsed two times one after the other. The rinsed water falls back into the plastic bin at the bottom and is recycled. The bin can hold about 100 litres of water. It is provided with water inlet & outlet ball valves.

Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

The Automatic Bottle Washing Machine has been designed and developed for washing 200ml/250ml/300ml soft drink bottles. The speed of the machine is 36 bottles per minute. An ideal compartmentalised machine, it has various wash stages. The machine is constructed of stainless steel, is robust and can withstand the vigourís of continuous use. The unique design enables easy layman usage and maintenance.

A number of trays are provided. The trays are lightweight and designed such that bottles need not be kept one by one. The trays are directly overturned on to plastic crates containing the bottles. The bottles seat on PVC cups on the trays and the plastic crates are then removed. A Hydraulic system pushes the trays into the machine at set intervals. The machine consists of various compartments for different washes. The first section is the hot water Caustic Soda wash. In the second, third & fourth sections the bottles are washed in plain water. More sections can be added if required. Each section has its own monobloc set that pump the water in a high-speed jet. Rinser nozzles are kept below the bottles as well as above the bottles. In each section two trays consisting of 24 bottles are washed at once. The rinsed water falls into a stainless steel tank below and is recycled by the pump. A fine mesh of stainless steel is kept above the tanks and all dirt and dust is collected. The meshes can be easily removed and cleaned at regular intervals.

Water can be conveniently filled or drained from each section. A panel board provided has switches for each of the pumps and heaters. The required water temperature can be set. Rubber insulated glass windows are provided in each section to view the cleaning processes. Bottles are rinsed twice in each section and thus even the dirtiest bottles are thoroughly cleaned.

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